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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit reptile education and rescue group that operates in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

We take in sick or injured reptiles and work with local reptile vets to get them the care they need and then adopt them out.

We provide presentations to schools and other groups during which we bring out and talk about several reptile species and what makes them special.  We discuss where the animals would be found in the wild and the care required to keep them.  We then allow people to interact with a few of animals.

Animal of the Year


​Severus, an Argentine Tegu and former foster animal of REV, now enjoys life as REV's unofficial ambassador.



Rae is a very sweet red-tail or common boa.  Boas require some snake experience since they are rather large and are very active with a great feed response.  That being said Rae is an easily handleable boa.


Spike the bearded dragon is very feisty at times.  He is missing his back right leg from the knee down but he doesn't let that slow him down, especially when it comes to food. 


Bart the bearded dragon has been adopted.


Lisa the bearded dragon has been adopted.


Speedy is an elongated tortoise.  He is relaxed and social.  He is possibly the result of mixed breeding.


Justin Timberlake is a male redfoot tortoise that is friendly.


Tubs the savannah monitor is friendly, curious and a bit sassy.  She loves to eat and is a bit squirmy once she is out of her cage. She is not for beginner reptile keepers but will make a great addition to an experienced home.

Jack Jack

Jack Jack is a spunky little leopard gecko that loves to eat.  He is young and not used to being held but does usually calm down after a few minutes.

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