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​About Us


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit reptile education and rescue group that operates in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

We take in sick, injured, or abandoned pet reptiles and work with local reptile vets to get them the care they need and then adopt them out to forever homes.

We also provide presentations to schools and other groups during which we bring out and talk about several reptile species and what makes them special.  We discuss where the animals would be found in the wild and the care required to keep them.  We also allow people to touch and interact with some of the animals. 

Ziggy Stardust

Beautiful, social Ziggy is ready for his forever home! This gorgeous male leopard gecko has stunning patterning with dilute lavender and yellow banding. Pictures truly do not do him justice! Ziggy is very social and curious, and content to sit in a warm hand or perch on a shoulder. He has some shedding issues, so needs to go to someone familiar with leopard gecko care. 

Ziggy Stardust1.jpg


Curious, spunky Domino is a lovely male leopard gecko who is ready for a home! He is active, sweet, and always wants to be in your business and watch whatever is going on around him. He has a lot of personality and will undoubtedly provide a lot of entertainment and fun for his future family! Domino is an excellent eater and will happily chow down on a wide variety of insects.



Meet “Lush”: a beautiful and shy leopard gecko. She is still growing and is a probable female. She is shy but calms down quickly and will do wonderfully with a patient owner and gentle handling. 



Say hello to “Perdita”, a young, probable female Argentine tegu who was found in a car engine. She is beautiful, but a little on the nervous side. But once she learns to trust you and gets used to handling, she will make a wonderful addition to your family <3



This adorable juvenile sulcata tortoise is ready for their forever home! They are unsexed at this point, but are quite social and love food! Keep in mind that sulcatas get HUGE. 


Little Jack

Jack is a very handsome, 12 month old male bearded dragon. He is a little skittish, but does very well with gentle handling and hand feeding. A little work will make him a “shoulder dragon” in no time!  He is also an excellent eater and happily chows down on both greens and bugs.



This big girl is "Mo".  Mo is a probable female savannah monitor who was found sick and starving in Virginia Beach.  But now she is healthy and a sweetheart! She is a great eater and very friendly.  She's just missing one thing: A family!



Norbert is an adorable sweetheart.  He is adenovirus positive so he can only go to a home without any other bearded dragons.  He also has neurological issues, so must go to an experienced owner. He is handle-able and loves to come over for food.



Dash is a leopard gecko that thinks there is no such thing as too much food.  He is slightly cage aggressive but calms down with some handling.



Agatha is a beautiful, young ball python with an equally beautiful temperament. She came to us emaciated and covered instuck shed, but is in great shape now!  She is very handleable and curious.  



Haymitch is a male, 7-10 year old bearded dragon who was dropped off terribly skinny and sick.  He has put on weight well and is in great health now!  He loves being wrapped up in blankets and riding on shoulders! Let's give this special guy the loving home he deserves!


Jack Jack

Jack Jack is a spunky little leopard gecko that loves to eat.  He is young and not used to being held but does usually calm down after a few minutes.

Jack Jack.jpg
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